Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2008 Competition

Bubby's Matzoh Turkey: In this stunning mis-en-matzoh-ball-soup, we are brought back to the original site of sustenance: the womb. Floating, trussed, lulled in a warm bath of chicken broth, we experience the original state of undifferentiated oneness, of satiety.
Grand Prize Winner [by popular election] for "Best Overall Turkey"
By Satya K. & Frank H.

Which Came First?: The hard-boiled-eggs turkey conflates progenitor and present, history and hard-boiled. We are comprised of that from whence we came. Ab ovo.
Second Place Winner [by popular election] for "Best Overall Turkey"
By David H.

Turkey Twinkie Pumpkin Pie: In this unerring portrait of the recent financial crisis, the Turkey Twinkie Pumpkin Pie enacts the specter of unregulated appetite.
Third Place Winner [by popular election] for "Best Overall Turkey"
By Rachel E.

The Great Meta Turkey!!!: No further commentary necessary.
Winner, Best Conceptual Turkey
By Elio B. & Marina B.

Chewing Gum Turkey: This viscerally revolting chewing-gum turkey is acephalic, yet it models, on second look, a brain. The viewer's mind and gag-reflex battle for comprehension: Is our left temporal lobe truly grape-Bubble-Yum-flavored? What of the prevelance of Apple-flavored chicklets in the frontal lobes? The mind reels.
Winner, Best-Left-Untouched
By Adam & Jess & Multiple Friends

Kimchi Turkey
Winner, Most Elegant Turkey
By Suyeon K.

Corn Bread with Chicken Ragout: In this disturbing, almost incestuous doubling -- a turkey comprised of chicken form and chicken feed -- the insides also redouble to the outside, as the viscera are recklessly exposed.
Winner, Best Juxtaposition
By David B.

Caramel Popped-Corny: Cindy's carapace-enclosed Caramel Popped-Corny is a character that invites -- yet crisply resists -- dissection. In an abreactive move characteristic of late 20th-century Freudian discourse, Sherman deftly brings us back to the fairgrounds of youth.
Winner, Toughest Bird
By Cindy S.

Kumbaya, my turkey, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my turkey, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my turkey, kumbaya
O turkey, kumbaya

Winner, Campiest Turkey
By Jeremiah & Heather

Bacalhau Turkey
Winner, Best "World" Turkey
By Mauro R.

Thai Turkey
Winner, Best Tasting
By Cathy D.

Califurkey Roll
Winner, Best Insides
By Margaret & Rob

Sweet Potato Pineapple: In this post-ethnic creation, an homage to President-elect Barack Hussein Obama, midwestern cuisine commingles with a Hawaiian flavor-profile to produce this watershed turkey moment. Yes we can!
Winner, Best Flavor Fusion Turkey
By Diane S.

Fresh Mozzarella: The mozzarella turkey embodies the luscious plasticity of form.
Winner, Best Execution
By Leanne R.

Peanut Butter Fudge Turkey
Winner, Most Allergenic
By Natalie K.

Sesame Noodle Turkey
Winner, Best Asian Appetizer Turkey
By Kristine L. & Paul D.

Sesame Noodle Turkey

Hermaphrodite Turkey: With its customary inimitable iconoclastic irreverance, Creative Time offers a defamiliarizing hermaphrodite-turkey, one that conflates apparent oppositions of form and fowl, gourd and gender.
Winner, Best breaks-the-mold Turkey
By Creative Time

Hermaphrodite Turkey (made out of gourds)

Cow Dung Turkey - from Nepal!
Winner, Most Culturally Enriched Turkey
By Michael & William