Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2007 Competition

Maple Carrot Cake Turkey: Michael Daube & David "broke the mold" this year with their maple carrot cake turkey. Surrounded by the shell casings from the moment of slaughter, the turkey first seduces us with the sweet crunchiness of its illusionistic exterior before bringing us face-to-face with the true underpinnings of the sublime: turkey mortality.

Chicken Noodle Soup Turkey: Nourishing and healing? Or intestinal and revolting? Ford Wheeler's congealed chicken noodle soup turkey launches an unflinching investigation of the attraction/repulsion dynamic of domesticity itself.

Guac-a-Bird [Avacado Gelatin Turkey]: Who knew such a thing as avacado gelatin was possible, let alone desirable? DB knew, evidently, and birthed his post-punk guac-a-bird for all to enjoy.

Roquefort Mousse Turkey: Cindy S's evocative creation toys with the fundamental nexus of perception and identity. The turkey appears translucent—up to a certain point—and then becomes seemingly opaque. But is it? Who is this bird, really? What's that stuff inside of her, anyway? Does she want us to know what she's made of, her real self? Indeed, is there such a thing as true identity, or is it just a culinary construct? We leave puzzled, yet full of mousse.

Risotto Turkey: Aren't all turkeys in fact made of risotto? Well if they aren't, they should be. Lia's bird forces us confront the degree to which our unquestioned norms are in fact "naturalized" beliefs—such as the assumption that a turkey, for instance, should be composed of turkey, rather than wild mushrooms and truffle risotto. Unspeakably delicious.

Mac-'n-Cheese Turkey: At first glance Leanne R.'s Mac-'n-Cheese turkey seems to embody the Platonic ideal of pure turkey form. The revelation of this perfect shape's secret ingredient—extra Velveeta®—sends us reeling down a chasm of regional, political, and class-based prejudices. And when we scale back up to the heights, we realize that modern-day hieratic beauty goes hand-in-hand with post-industrial consumer capitalism. Yes I said yes, it does!

Mountain Dew® Lime Jell-O® Turkey: In a one-two punch, Karis seconds Leanne's mac-'n-cheese Velveeta® class revolution.

Spam Turkey: Adam's conceptual tour-de-force unfurls the symbolic activity of language itself, a sandwich of meat and meaning. What it lacks in mimesis it makes up for in cultural significance. Spam comes from spam, as it turns out.

Corn Pudding Turkey: Satya & Frank's corn (or maize) pudding turkey reminds us of the Wampanoags' generosity towards the Plymouth pilgrims.

Stuffing Turkey: Cathy inverts inside and outside, effectively blurring the boundary between content and form with her stuffing turkey until we are dizzy with pleasurable confusion.

Quiche Turkey: Nan's turkey loaf turkey last year seemed to sound the death knell of turkey-shaped dishes. What is left to achieve after the medium has been entirely deconstructed? Yet here she returns, triumphant, with modest grace and aplomb in the form of a quiche turkey: eggy on the inside, crusty on the outside. We are post-meaning here, my friends. Dig in.

Sushi Turkey: Elio & Marina's grand prize winner—a cross-cultural turkey sensation!