The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. I
CD & Vinyl: Luaka Bop, 2002
Design: Danielle Spencer with Dave Eggers
Featured in Area: 100 Graphic Designers (Phaidon)


Blip Hop Cover

Inlay card, back:

Blip Hop - CD back

9-panel insert, front [click for larger file]:

Blip Hop - 9-panel front

9-panel insert, back — Blip Tree [click for larger file]:

Blip Hop, 9-panel, back


Luaka Bop releases many compilations of music from around the world, and when they were planning a collection of electronic music Yale Evelev and David Byrne decided that the packaging should take an ethnographic approach. David contributed the expository essay, Dave Eggers contributed the advance cover design, and the honey bees contributed their wondrous waggle dance as documented by Professor Karl Von Frisch.


The International Center for Comparative Sound
Luaka Bop