Book by David Byrne; McSweeney's, 2006
Design: David Byrne and Danielle Spencer

Notes: Designed as a facsimile sketchbook with kraftpaper casewrap, Arboretum also has a 4-foot-gatefold at the end with an appendix of sorts. We printed in duotone with black and metallic silver to mimic David's graphite drawings, and preserved the smudges and eraser marks. Typefaces chosen from a 1940s guide to trees to preserve a classic science theme.

• Winner, design: AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers of 2006
• Winner: Independent Publisher Book Award gold medal (Popular Culture / Leisure, 2007)
• Featured, with production anecdotes & The New Sins, in Art of McSweeney’s (Chronicle, 2010)
• Descriptions, quotes and images in the Print piece of November/December 2006